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In the sea of podcasts and YouTube videos that exist, every so often you come across one that truly strikes a chord. If you’re trying to grow your career or move onto this next step, give this video a watch. It may be long, but it’s absolutely worth it.

I actually didn’t know who Kelsey Hightower was before this podcast. I learned about him through Gerald Yerden, who I was fortunate enough to find on TikTok and Youtube.

There are 3 parts to this interview that I have listened to at least a dozen times already.

➡ 30:23 - “Separating yourself from the crowd”

Disclaimer: Everyone’s career and situation is different and none of this is meant to be prescriptive.

I really enjoyed listening to this part because I could see similarities in what I did in my own career (and continue to do).

  • Continuously grow and learn! You may not need to use the skill immediately, but you never know when the opportunity can arise where it can provide value.
  • Surround yourself with people who will give you honest feedback!
  • “Don’t be safe”: If you’re not putting yourself out there, it’s hard to showcase the skills you’ve learned. This is actually a big part of why this blog and my public social media presence now exists.

➡ 55:10 - “AI: What it is, isn’t, and could be”

I hadn’t heard this correlation before, and I thought it was brilliant. You’ll have to watch the video for this one because I won’t do the segment justice in a blog post.

➡ 01:29:45 - “How do you retire early? Tech Lottery Tickets” which leads into examples: ➡ 01:32:59 - “Kelsey’s Career”

My absolute favorite quote, “It doesn’t often pay off in real time, so we think it’s a waste of time”. I swear when I heard this, I was taken aback the same way Gerald was. 😂

YouTube Video:

"Kelsey Hightower: You have to put in the work.. Forever"