About Me

Hello! I’m Pat (seeknay), a passionate Information Technology professional with a keen focus on Identity.

I’ve been in the Information Technology space for 14+ years professionally. I enjoy working on platforms such as Microsoft 365 (Entra, Exchange Online, Defender) as well as Active Directory and Okta. While i’ve never been developer, I actually really enjoy writing PowerShell.

My current professional role affords me the ability to architect and design solutions that are modern and secure. I thrive to have a positive impact and continually learn new technologies.

Purpose for the Blog

This blog serves as a platform to showcase my ongoing interests, share insights, and document my learning journey in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Personal Interests

Some of my personal hobbies outside of work:

  • Posting on TikTok: I started a small channel for fun posting Career/TechTok content and it’s been a great public speaking exercise. Plus, i’ve met some great creators along the way and learned a lot in the process!
  • Playing PC Games: My current go-to games are HellDivers 2 and Diablo 4 (when I can get time to play).
  • Brewing Coffee/Espresso: A few years back, I picked up the hobby of pour-over Coffee and Espresso brewing.
  • Watching Star Trek: I’m a huge Star Trek fan. [TNG > Voyager > DS9 > Picard > TOS > Discovery]

Thanks for stopping by!